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Areas of Emphasis

We believe in the importance of social justice, sustainable environments, engaged scholarship, and interventionist practices. The study of communication, in our department, is devoted to encouraging change toward these ideals. We contribute to better humanistic and scientific understandings of communication through our award-winning scholarship in critical/cultural studies; communicating science, health, environment, and risk (commsher); digital media; interpersonal communication; and rhetoric. We value a variety of theoretical and methodological approaches, including quantitative, qualitative, rhetorical, critical, and interpretive. These five areas of emphasis represent the Department's core areas of strength. We currently offer graduate coursework in four of these areas: critical/cultural studies, commsher, digital media, and rhetoric. Our faculty‚Äôs research expertise informs our four undergraduate sequences: communication studies, journalism, strategic communication, and commsher. The tabs below offer more information about each of our areas of emphasis. 

Last Updated: 11/21/17