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Communicating Science, Health, Environment, and Risk (CommSHER)

Environmental, science, and health communication is the study of how individuals, organizations, institutions and cultures communicate about the environment, science and health through language, images, and practice.

We believe that how humans communicate about environmental, science, and health issues effects culture, knowledge, policy, important practices, and ultimately the health of people and the planet. Interpersonal conversation, popular culture, rhetorical situations, mass media, corporate communication, institutions, and consumer behavior are some of the contexts through which understandings of the environment, science, and health are constituted and communicated.

Our program focuses on how communicative practices in a variety of settings are both constrained and create resistance and change. Faculty have recently studied a variety of issues such as effectiveness of media health campaigns , Native American resistance to hazardous waste placement, environmental sustainability, historical media depictions of nuclear testing, Chinese environmental NGO strategies, Chinese NGOs, obesity narratives, and how the media frame cancer information. 

CommSHER Faculty

Last Updated: 9/7/21