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Critical Cultural Studies

Critical Cultural research emphasizes critical inquiry into the broadly defined ways that cultural discourses, practices, and performances contribute to, resist, and transform relations of power in society, particularly as related to communication-based problems of class, race, gender, ethnicity, sexuality, national identity, (dis)ability, environment, and globalization. We focus on fostering a more equitable and democratic public sphere as a way to promote social justice. Our critical cultural faculty conduct  their inquiry into a variety of forms communication, including rhetorical, mediated, and interpersonal. Some of our recent projects include analysis of the political economy of the dark web, Korean war memory, performance of childbearing identities in families, mediated portrayals of African American and Asian Americans, political and cultural underpinnings of obesity, tactics of activism in the U.S. and China, postcolonial memory, and environmental justice.

Critical Cultural Faculty

Last Updated: 8/25/21