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Alumni Theses and Dissertations

Masters Thesis

Eunice Kim (Supervisor Chair, Kent Ono)

Fancy Asians and Jungle Asians: Rhetoric, Asian American Comedy, and Identity 2019

Shaun Lee Edson (Supervisory Chair, Joy Pierce)

Digital Publics: Technology, Belonging, and Education in a Digital Community Space 2019

Megan O'Byrne (Supervisory Chair, Danielle Endres)

Welcome to the Machine: The Rhetorical Invention of Collectivity in Peaceful Uprising 2017

Samantha Edwards (Supervisory Chair, Kimberley Mangun)

When the Losers Write History: The Story of Barcelona Under Siege in the Final Year of the Spanish Civil War 2017

Anthony William Chidester (Supervisory Chair, Daniel Canary)

The Association of Vigor, Anger, and Depression with Conversational Argument Behavior 2017

Yulin Yin (Supervisory Chair, Avery Holton)

Framing the Sharing Economy: A Transnational Framing Analysis 2016

Natalee Kasmiskie (Supervisory Chair, Connie Bullis)

Understanding the Communicative Construction of Emotion in Nonprofit Organizations 2015

Tamara Zaman (Supervisory Chair, Connie Bullis)

Terror of Treasure? An Exploratory Study of Telecommuters' Assimilation int he Workplace 2015

Kody Hansen (Supervisory Chair, Kody Hansen)

Structuring Activity Coordination During Change in a Facilities Management Organization 2015

Jeonghyun, Lee (Supervisory Chair, Robert W. Gehl)

Memory Politics:  Social Media Memory Practices in the Korean Ferry Sewol Memorial Website 2015

Erik O'Brien (Supervisory Chair, Robert W. Gehl)

College Radio: Managing the Creative Through Software and Policy, A Case Study 2015

Debora Perez Torres (Supervisory Chair, Jakob D. Jensen)

The Influence of Ethnic Newspaper Consumption on Cancer Prevention Behaviors:  A Test of the Cognitive Mediation Model 2015

Elliott Sawyer (Supervisory Chair, Robin Jensen)

Postfeminism in Female Team Superhero Comic Books 2014

Marion Munn (Supervisory Chair, Maureen Mathison)

Religious Freedom Versus Children's Rights: Challenging Media Framing of Short Creek 2014 

Robyn Moreno (Supervisory Chair, Ann L.  Darling)

Participatory Service-Learning and Identity in Intercollegiate Forensics Organizations 2014

Peter Christiansen (Supervisory Chair, Sean T. Lawson)

Breaking out fo the Industry: The Independent Games Movement as Resistance to Hegemonic Videogame Discourse 2013

Raymond Dahl (Supervisory Chair, Norman Elliott)

Reconciling Differences Between Technologically and Socially Focused Theories of Group Communication 2013

Rebecca Nelson (Supervisory Chair, James Anderson)

Culture, Conflict, and Human Remains: A Comparative Case Study of American Indian and American Mainstream Culture 2013

Yanqin Liu (Supervisory Chair, Leonard C. Hawes)

A Constructionist Perspective on Human Rights Tension Between China and the U.S. 2013

Laura Kashiwase (Supervisory Chair, Suhi Choi)

Doing Family: Communication Memories of the Japanese American Incarceration 2013


Amanda Friz (Supervisory Chair, Robert Gehl)

"You Have to Be Your Own Doctor": Neoliberal Reconfigurations of Expertise on 2013

Aleksandra Solomonov (Supervisory Chair, Helene Shugart)

Queer Identity and Travel Agency Place-Based Arguments in the It Gets Better Project 2012

Natalie Nyman Pickett (Supervisory Chair, Leonard C. Hawes)

Rules and Resources of Violence Prevention Programs 2012

Kathy Leslie (Supervisory Chair, Ann L. Darling)

Exploring University Student Perspectives on Classroom Participation 2012

Shannon O. Jones (Supervisory Chair, Leonard C. Hawes)

Critical Rhetorical Analysis of Joel Salatin: The Alternative Farming Minister of Terror 2012

Mariam Betlemidze (Supervisory Chair, Leonard C. Hawes)

Caucasian Conflicts and the Way Out of Deadlock Through Cultural Affirmation Philosophy 2012

Sumiko Martinez (Supervisory Chair, Leonard C. Hawes)

Domesticating Violence: Rhetorics of Domestic Violence in American Popular Culture 2011

Geoffrey Fattah (Supervisory Chair, David J. Vergobbi)

"Strangers" in the Courtroom: An Examination of Access Theory and the Public's Right to Open Courts from Depasquale to Richmond 2011

Celeste Wells (Supervisory Chair, Karen Lee Ashcraft)

Difference and Science at Work: The Occupational Identity of Analytical Chemists 2010

Thad Kelling (Supervisory Chair, David J. Vergobbi)

Blogging from the Fourth Estate 2010

Daren C. Brabham (Supervisory Chair, Helene Shugart)

Crowdsourcing as a Model for Problem Solving: Leveraging the Collective Intelligence of Online Communities for Public Good 2010

Earl Henry McIntyre (Supervisory Chair, David J. Vergobbi)

Moving Beyond the "Think System" 2009

Shane D. Farver (Supervisory Chair, Glen Feighery)

Fact Checking at Warp Speed 2009

Jason M. Carlton (Supervisory Chair, Timothy L. Larson)

Evaluating the Framing Process in Communication 2009

Cara A. Wieser (Supervisory Chair, Glen Feighery)

Taking a Reader-Centric Approach to New Production 2008

Tatiana Kireiev Miller (Supervisory Chair, Daniel Emery)

The Communicative Dimensions of Organizational Change in a Research Library 2008

Teresa Martin (Supervisory Chair, Leonard C. Hawes)

From Antagonism to Agonism in Identity-Based Conflict 2008

Andrew Taylor Kirk (Supervisory Chair, Glen Feighery)

Labor, Vice, and Space 2007

Stephen Robert Luker (Supervisory Chair, Glen M. Feighery)

Analysis of Mediated Interpersonal Alternative Dispute Resolution Through First Amendment Free Speech Theory 2006

Leah Elizabeth Jaramillo (Supervisory Chair, Nickieann Fleener)

Implementing the Strategic Public Relations Plan in Nontraditional Organizations 2006

Karin Hardy (Supervisory Chair, David J. Vergobbi)

The Marketplace of Ideas 2006

Mary Fetzer (Supervisory Chair, Karen Lee Ashcraft)

Transformative Conflict Mediation and Bureaucracy 2006

Keisha Davenport (Supervisory Chair, Maureen Mathison)

The Rhetorical Biography of Harriet Tubman 2006


Andrea D. Brown (Supervisory Chair, Connie Bullis)

Psychologically Healthy Workplace 2006

Roger A. Altizer (Supervisory Chair, David J. Vergobbi)

Hacking the Digital Millennium Copyright Act 2006

Gloria Talley Wilkinson (Supervisory Chair, Karen Dace)

Out of Obscurity 2004

Christina Miller (Supervisory Chair, Mary S. Strine)

Identity in the Virtual World 2004

Tina Maria Hatch (Supervisory Chair, Lisa Flores)

Negotiation Identities: Religion, Gender, and Spirituality Among Latter-Day Saint Women 2004

April Jenifer Cordova (Supervisory Chair, David J. Vergobbi)

Media Illiteracy in Utah's Public Schools 2004

Jeffrey K. Christensen (Supervisory Chair, Mark J. Bergstrom)

Utah Path: A Case Study Applying The Computerization of Work 2004

Jane Burleson Campbell (Supervisory Chair, Leonard C. Hawes)

It's Not Just About the Monument 2004

Elizabeth Karen Rivera (Supervisory Chair, Mark J. Bergstrom)

Communication Patterns as Constitutive of Attachment in Adoptive Families 2003

Marie Jackson (Supervisory Chair, Timothy L. Larson)

Local Television News: Product Differentiation Practice and Theory 2003

Jodi Orgill Brown (Supervisory Chair, Karen L. Ashcraft)

Out of the Office 2003

Trine Kvidal (Supervisory Chair, Maureen Mathison)

Interpretation and Meaning-Making 2002

Beth Fratkin (Supervisory Chair, Robert K. Avery)

Media Reform: 1960s and 1970s 2002

Rohitashya Chattopadhyay (Supervisory Chair, James A. Anderson)

Globalism on the Internet 2002

Janet Weston Colvin (Supervisory Chair, Ann L. Darling)

Classroom Discourse and Learning 2000

Amy Adele Van Prooyen (Supervisory Chair, David J. Vergobbi)

A New Interpretation of the First Amendment 1999

Vidar Brundhand Steder (Supervisory Chair, Robert K. Tiemens)

A Comparison of Visual Motion Aesthetics in Animation 1999

Rene Ringnalda (Supervisory Chair, Douglas Birkhead)

The Search for the Authentic Celebrity 1999

Tamra K. Phillips (Supervisory Chair, L. Edna Rogers)

Marital Couple Types: A Comparative Analysis 1999

Carrie A. Moore (Supervisory Chair, DeAnn Evans)

A Study of Interest in Religion News on the Internet 1999

Christine R. Keyser (Supervisory Chair, L. Edna Rogers)

Communication Competence and Conflict Tactics 1999

Heike Hoffmann (Supervisory Chair, Julia B. Corbett)

The German Media Role in Social Protest 1999

William John Tatomer, Sr. (Supervisory Chair, Malcolm O. Sillars)

Public Relations and Ruby Ridge: An Ethical Inquiry 1998

Morris Emory Franklin III (Supervisory Chair, Robert K. Tiemens)

Remembering the Alamo: Social Energy and the Construction of Place 1998

Ida Armik Baghoomian (Supervisory Chair, Maureen Mathison)

Women and Stress in the Work Place 1998

Robyn C. Walker (Supervisory Chair, Leonard C. Hawes)

Bodies and Structure of Action 1997

Geoffrey Baym (Supervisory Chair, James A. Anderson)

Distance From Center: News Media and the Construction of Social Order 1997

Amy Michelle Walker (Supervisory Chair, Rebecca S. Bjork)

An Analysis of Soap Opera Rape Story Lines 1996

Brooke Ellen Holt (Supervisory Chair, Connie Bullis)

Communicating Commitment: An Interactional Perspective 1996

Miryung Yun (Supervisory Chair, Milton C. Hollstein)

Cold Fusion: A Case Study of Science Reporting 1995

Elaine Toronto (Supervisory Chair, DeAnn Evans)

News Coverage of Hispanics in Salt Lake Newspapers 1995

Yazhong Gu (Supervisory Chair, Milton C. Hollstein)

The Chinese Press in America 1995

David G. Pace (Supervisory Chair, Malcolm O. Sillars)

Intertextual Reading of Sic Degrees of Separation 1994

Kristine Wynn Matthews (Supervisory Chair, L. Edna Rogers)

Gender Differences in Adolescent Friendship Behavior 1994

Rhetorical Study of W.J. Bryan in the Scope's Trial 1984

Linda Linn (Milton C. Hollstein)

The Bureau of Land Management Wild Horse Story 1994

Laura L. Seklemian (Supervisory Chair, L. Edna Rogers)

Influence of Social Networks and Social Support 1993

Stephen D. Miller (Supervisory Chair, Rebecca S. Bjork)

Scott Lybarger (Supervisory Chair, Richard D. Reike)

Indecency on Cable Television: A Study on Legal Argument 1993

Curtis D. Lebaron (Supervisory Chair, Douglas Birkhead)

Verbal Deception Detection 1993

Kevin M. Grieves (Supervisory Chair, Milton C. Hollstein)

Broadcast Journalists and East Germany Identity 1993

Nadine Wimmer (Supervisory Chair, Robert K. Avery)

Public Issues, Private Lives: The Politics of Scandal 1992

Paul Saxey Rose (Supervisory Chair, Robert K. Avery)

The Centripetal Tendency of Framed Motion 1992

Claire B. Johnson (Supervisory Chair, Don F. Faules)

New Communication Media and the Potential for Change in the Organization 1992

Marlia Elisabeth Banning (Supervisory Chair, Dennis C. Alexander)

Working Ski Culture: The Avalanche Professional Discourse 1992

Jie Angie Zeng (Supervisory Chair, Richard D. Reike)

Intercultural Communication and Loose Coupling 1991

David Livingston Rowe (Supervisory Chair, Richard D. Reike)

Epideictic Speech Acts of Students: Window on the Self 1991

Randal S. Chase (Supervisory Chair, Timothy L. Larson)

Television News Viewing: A Descriptive Analysis 1991

Travis Don Anderson (Supervisory Chair, Don F. Faules)

The Role of Symbols in a Planned Organizational Change Effort 1991

Abigail Wright (Supervisory Chair, Dennis C. Alexander)

Political Action Committees, Candidate, and Their Communication 1990

Reginald J. Twigg (Supervisory Chair, Richard D. Reike)

History Versus Herstory: Toward a Theory of Appellate Narrative 1990

Richard Alleyne Rogers (Supervisory Chair, Christine M. Oravec)

Women and Rebellion in 1984, Brazil and Genesis 1990

In-Soon Han (Supervisory Chair, H. Douglas Birkhead)

Exclusive Olympic Television Rights and the U.S. Network 1990

Robert Bruce Boiko (Supervisory Chair, James A. Anderson)

Hermeneutics, Interpretation, Mind, and Body 1990

Yoko Asakawa (Supervisory Chair, Milton C. Hollstein)

Foreign Students' Responses to American Television 1990


Rebecca A. Widenhouse (Supervisory Chair, Robert K. Avery)

Communicating an Alternative Ideology 1988

Paul R. Kohl (Supervisory Chair, James A. Anderson)

A Model for Television-Centered Television Criticism 1988

Phillip J. Hutchison (Supervisory Chair, Douglas D. Birkhead)

Mediated Military Leadership 1988

Gina M. Gregg (Supervisory Chair, Don. F. Faules)

The Process of Arbitration: Arbitrator "Performances 1988

Carlisle Stuart Fauver (Supervisory Chair, Timothy L. Larson)

Rural Radio Stations: Variables That Differentiate Them 1988

Lori J. Clark (Supervisory Chair, Nickieann Fleener)

A Cultural Analysis of the Calvin Klein Advertising Campaigns 1988

Sherry Baker (Supervisory Chair, Jerilyn S. McIntyre)

Creating A Shared History: Serial Narratives in The Young Woman's Journal, 1889-1894 1988

Leslie A. Young (Supervisory Chair, Jerilyn S. McIntyre)

The Grand Junction News 1882-1883: A Cultural History 1987

Bryan C. Taylor (Supervisory Chair, Dennis C. Alexander)

The Language Game of Crisis 1987

Richard James Schaefer (Supervisory Chair, Robert K. Avery)

PTV Fund Drive: Circumstances Influencing Pledging 1987

James Michael Potter (Supervisory Chair, Timothy L. Larson)

Army Recruitment Advertising, Selling, and Buyer Action 1987

Julianne Theresa Palton (Supervisory Chair, Don. F. Faules)

Communication Rules Within the Organization: An Assessment of Episode Analysis 1987

Val Norman Edwards (Supervisory Chair, Malcolm O. Sillars)

Rhetorical Analysis of LDS Church Policy Statements 1987

David S. Werling (Supervisory Chair, Malcolm O. Sillars)

Civil Religious Rhetoric by Reagan, 1984 1986

Richard Daniel Rodrick (Supervisory Chair, Don F. Faules)

A Typological Investigation of Boss-Secretary Relationships 1986

Mark A. Neumann (Supervisory Chair, Mary S. Strine)

Stand-Up Comedy as Cultural Representation 1986

Dennis Jaehne (Supervisory Chair, Malcolm O. Sillars)

Epideictic Rhetoric and Modern Environmentalism 1986

Jenell V. Scherbel (Supervisory Chair, Mary S. Strine)

The Savage Strategy: Humor-O'Connor, Hawkes 1985

Gregory W. McCartney (Supervisory Chair, Timothy L. Larson)

Banning "Indecent" Material on Cable Television 1985

James A. Eldredge (Supervisory Chair, Robert K. Avery)

Computer Based Instruction in U.S. Army Training 1985

Renee Glover Zundel (Supervisory Chair, Richard D. Reike)

Reasoning and Strategies by Children in Conflicts 1984

Mina Vaughn-Tate (Supervisory Chair, Don F. Faules)

Symbology in High Technology Industry 1984

Emile C. Netzhammer III (Supervisory Chair, Ruth Walden)

A Legal Analysis of the NAB Television Code 1984

Kip W. Jenkins (Supervisory Chair, Don F. Faules)

Communication Practices of a Political Organization 1984

Michelle Moench Egan (Supervisory Chair, Michael Pacanowski)

The Ideology of Efficiency 1984

Joyce Ann Whiten (Supervisory Chair, Jerilyn McIntyre)

Washington Post Coverage of 1919 Washington Rebellion 1983

Linda Marie Olson

Camera Choreography 1983

Timothy Jess Funk (Supervisory Chair, James A. Anderson)

Lark, Utah: Communication in Community Organizing 1983

Robert Neal Said (Supervisory Chair, M. Neff Smart)

Literacy, Media and National Development 1982

John Durham Peters (Supervisory Chair, Leonard C. Hawes)

The Sacred and Sociality 1982

Deborah Lee Dixon (Supervisory Chair, Dennis C. Alexander)

A Descriptive Study of Talk in Two Initial Interaction Dyads 1982

Carol Jean Berrey (Supervisory Chair, Robert K. Tiemens)

What's the Magic Word? Children and Politeness Routines 1982

David Paul Proctor (Milton C. Hollstein)

A Critical History of American Rock Journalism 1981

Clark David Olson (Supervisory Chair, B. Aubrey Fisher)

Artifacts in the Home and Relational Communication

Mina Majidian (Supervisory Chair, Milton C. Hollstein)

Ettela'at: A Major Iranian Newspaper 1981

Kenneth Richard Lord (Supervisory Chair, Milton C. Hollstein)

"Walking Blindfolded Through a Minefield": South Africa's Press Under Siege 1981

Don Dockstader Timpson (Supervisory Chair, Mary S. Strine)

Interaction Correlates of Conflict in Small Groups Development: A Markov Analysis 1974

Ronald Brunson Scott (Supervisory Chair, Robert K. Tiemens)

An Analysis of D.W. Griffith's Portrayal of Black Characters in the "Birth of a Nation" 1980

John Edward McKeirnan (Supervisory Chair, Malcolm O. Sillars)

Rhetorical Strategies of Some Local Young Life Club Talks 1980

John Victor Luz (Supervisory Chair, Robert K. Avery)

News and Public Affairs in Public Television: The Daily Exchange Feed 1980

John F. Long (Supervisory Chair, Robert K. Avery)

The Influence of Verbal Coding on Pictorial Recognition 1980

Page Townnsend Johnson (Supervisory Chair, Richard D. Reike)

Rhetorical Study of Selected F. Scott Fitzgerald Stories 1980

Deborah Anne Bromberg (Supervisory Chair, Milton C. Hollstein)

The Relationship Between Utah Governor Scott M. Matheson and the Utah Press 1980


Doctoral Dissertations

Ian Summers (Supervisory Chair, Danielle Endres)

The Rhetorical Construction of Opression in Activist Discourse 2019

Heather Joy Stone (Supervisory Chair, Kimberley Mangun)

Young Women in Mormon Homelands, 1975-2000: An Oral History Project 2018

Cecile Genevieve Paskett (Supervisor Chair, Leonard C. Hawes)

Collective Memory, Collective Imagination, Place-Making, and the Discrusive (Re)Constructions of the Gateway District 2018

Joshua Robert Mueller (Supervisory Chair, Marouf Hasian)

Legal (IM)Personhoods: An Ecofeminist Engagement with the Rhetorics of Animal Rights Law 2018

Robert B. Layne II (Supervisory Chair, Heather Canary)

The Communication Constitution of Reproduction and Reproductive Genetic Testing for Sex and Gender Minoritites: A Queer Standpoint Approach 2018

Jessica Renee Houf (Supervisory Chair, Kent Ono)

Bacteria, Bodies, and Boundaries: A Critical Genealogy of Clostridium Difficile and the Human Body 2018 

Ana Carolina Gomez Parga (Supervisory Chair, Joy Pierce)

#Cabronacomomonicarobles: When Memes Reproduce More Than Images 2018

Tingting Pang (Supervisory Chair, Ye Sun)

Emotional Reactions to News Coverage of Medical Errors and the Effects of Message-Induced Emotions on Risk Perceptions, Attitudes, and Policy Preferences 2018

Jeremy John Chatelain (Supervisory Co-Chairs, Kimberley Mangun and David Vergobbi)

The Imprint of the Press: A Cultural History of the Influence of Nineteenth-Cantury American Print on Mormonism in Kirtland, Ohio, 1831-1837 2018 

Sherrie Lynn Loewen (Supervisory Chair, Jakob Jensen)

Targeting Race in Health Communications: What is Relevant? 2018

Julie L. Snyder-Yuly (Supervisory Chair, Joy Pierce)

Modern-Day Minstrelsy: Online Microagressions and the Digital Narratives of Homeless Black Males 2017

Earl Henry McIntire (Supervisory Chair, David Vergobbi)

"Raised Money by Hook and Crook, Got my Paper Out": Sunshine and Shadow in the Life Season of Edititor and Physician Dr. Elihu S. McIntire (1832-1899) 2017

Joshua Trey Barnett (Supervisory Chair, Kevin DeLuca)

Mortal Assemblages: Rhetorics of Ecology and Death 2017

Jose Angel Maldonado (Supervisory Chair, Kent Ono)

Diana's Confession: Precarious Rhetoric in Post-Nafta Mexico 2017

Joshua Barnett (Supervisory Chair, Kevin Deluca)

Mortal Assemblages: Rhetorics of Ecology and Death 2016

Antonio De La Garza (Supervisory Chair, Kent Ono)

Narrating the Borderlands: Living Resistance and Immigrant Rhetoric 2016

Jessie Richards (Supervisory Chair, Maureen Mathison)

Lived Narratives, Everyday Trauma, and the Aftermath of the Bosnian War: Human Rights as Living Practice 2016

Penchan Phoborisut (Supervisory Chair, Kevin Deluca)

The Visualization of Protests in the Digital Age: The Rhizomatic Activism in Thailand 2016

Tiffany Dykstra (Supervisory Chair, Heather Canary)

Refugee resettlement rhetoric: Investigating organizational practices of empowerment 2016

Jessica Danowski (Supervisory Chair, Joy Pierce)

Exploring Perceived Norms of Parent-Child Communication About Pornography 2016

Mariam Betlemidze (Supervisory Chair, Kevin Deluca)

Femen and Assemblage Politics of Protest in the Age of Social Media 2016

Brian Rogers (Supervisory Chair, Helene Shugart)

Perceptions and Enacted Identities within the HIV Prevention Counseling Context 2016

Matthew Richards (Supervisory Chair, Kevin Deluca

Mountaintop Removal, Activism, and the Commitment to Progress in Industrial Sacrifice Zones: The Socialization of Class in West Virginia 2016

Autumn Miller (Supervisory Chair, James Anderson)

Influencing the agenda: Exploring the online classroom as a third space for amplifying responsible environmental citizenry 2016

Elizabeth Brunner (Supervisory Chair, Kevin Deluca)

China, Social Media, and Environmental Protest: Civic Engagement on Networks of Screens and Streets 2016

Susan Sample (Supervisory Chair, Maureen Mathison)

Necrography: A New Corpus of Death Telling from the Physician's Perspective 2015

Paul Parkin (Supervisory Chair, Ann Darling)

Exploring the Communicative Dynamics of Empathic Learning 2015

Nicholas Paliewicz (Supervisory Chair, Kevin Deluca)

Networks of Corporate Subjectivity: Southern Pacific, Rio Tinto, BP and the Rhetorical Emergence of the Corporate Subject 2015

Sara Mathis (Supervisory Chair, Ann Darling)

Si Se Puede! (Yes We Can!): A Critical Ethnography of Students' Identities in an Urban Debate League 2015

Kathleen Hom (Supervisory Chair, James Anderson)

Discourses of Community: The Uses of Communication in Building and Maintaining Diverse Communities 2015

Laura Dahl (Supervisory Chair, Ann Darling)

Technology, Talk and Time: Patterns of Group Communication and Identity 2015

Brian Cozen (Supervisory Chair, Danielle Endres)

Mediating Energy: Rhetoric and the Future of Energy Resources 2015

Sarah Bell (Supervisory Chair, Maureen Mathison)

From Vader to Vocaloid: A Media History of Voice Synthesis 2015

Kimberly Aguilar (Supervisory Chair, Ann Darling)

Communication in Contemporary Learning Environments: Instructor and Student Concepts of Civility and Conflict in Online Courses 2015

Aaron Phillips (Supervisory Chair, Maureen Mathison)

Bordered Bioregions: The Rhetorical Function of Characterization in Wolf Reintroduction and Recovery 2015

Elinor Light (Supervisory Chair, Kevin Deluca)

The (Em)Placed Vernacular:  Rhetorics of Transgression and Control in New York City 2015

Kevin John (Supervisory Chair, Jacob Jensen)

Using Eye-Tracking to Optimize Skin Self-Examination Training

Kathleen Hunt (Supervisory Chair, Kevin Deluca)

Hunger as Biopolitical Condition: Rhetorics of Risk, Equity, and Entitlement in Food Security Discourses 2015

Stephanie Gomez (Supervisory Chair, Helene Shugart)

Crossing the Line: Contemporary Mediated Performances of Hybridity 2015

Veronica Dawson (Supervisory Chair, Connie Bullis)

Communicative Constitution of the Social Organization: Issues of Identity, Conversation, and Text in the Social Media Context 2015

Carlos Tarin (Supervisory Chair, Heather Canary)

The Structuration of Environmental Organizing: Identity, Power, and Knowledge Negotiation in an International Environmental Nongovernmental Organization 2015

Megan McFarlane (Supervisory Chair, Marouf A. Hasian)

U.S. Military Policy and the Discursive Construction of Servicewomen's Bodies 2015

Melinda Krakow (Supervisory Chair, Jakob Jensen)

Telling Stories for Cervical Cancer Prevention: The Impact of Narrative Features and Processes on Young Women's HPV Vaccination Intentions 2015

Fumiko Ie (Supervisory Chair, Connie Bullis)

Temporary Workers: Their Perceived Interactional Justice, Stigmatization, Identification and Behaviors at Work 2015

Maria Blevins (Supervisory Chair, Connie Bullis)

Adopting Sustainability into the Mechanical Engineering Design Process: Organizational Change Through a Lens of Structuration 2015

Kathleen Bingham (Supervisory Chair, Danielle Endres)

The Rhetoric of Verisimilitude 2015

Debra Jenson 2014 (Supervisory Chair, Kimberley Mangun)

Dinosaur Dammed: An Analysis of the Fight to Defeat Echo Park Dam 2014

David Harris (Supervisory Chair, Jakob Jensen)

Testing a Conditional Process Model for the Diffusion of Use of "Nonprofessional" Journalism 2014

Julie Taylor (Supervisory Chair, Heather Canary)

Prostitution policy and the function of silence: The communicative constitution of a clandestine (un)organization 2014

Natasha Seegert (Supervisory Chair, Kevin Deluca)

Animate Rhetoric, Queer Beasts: Rewilding Domesticity 2014

Juliane Mora (Supervisory Chair, Ann Darling)

Constructing Social Justice Pedagogy: Critical Perspectives on Pedagogical Praxis in the Communication Classroom 2014

Roger Altizer (Supervisory Chair, David J. Vergobbi)

A grounded Legal Study of the Breakdown of Modders’ Relationships with Game Companies OR Legal Threats Shake Moral Beds. 2013

  Mariana Clark (Supervisory Chair, Robert Avery)

Do you want to hear my story?: An ethnographic study exploring narrative, trauma, and video at Humanities in Focus  2013

Lindsay Kite (Supervisory Chair, Glen Feighery)

Healthy Media Literacy: Bridging Critical Media Literacy and Health Literacy to Promote Positive Body Image and Health 2013

Lexie J. Kite (Supervisory Chair, Robert K. Avery)

Shining a Resilient Light on Objectification Theory: A Feminist Intervention for Emancipation 2013

George F. McHendry Jr. (Supervisory Chair, Leonard C. Hawes)

The Politics and Poetics of Airport (In)Security Rhetoric: Materialism, Affect, and the Transportation Security Administration 2013

Deborah Cox Callister (Supervisory Chair, Danielle Endres)

Immersed in Water Conflict: Humor and Process Literacy as Rhetorical Strategies in Internal Coalition Maintenance 2013

Stephanie Bor (Supervisory Chair, Robert K. Avery)

Democratic Deliberation on Social Network Sites: A Study of Digital Deliberative Discourse in the 2012 Election 2013

Jeffrey Todd Nellermoe (Supervisory Chair, Timothy L. Larson)

Integrated Marketing Communication 2012

Robin Leigh Heaton(Supervisory Chair, Mark J. Bergstrom)

Abortion as a Taboo Topic 2012

Jennifer Ann Cummings (Supervisory Chair, Mark J. Bergstrom)    

Relational Communication in Mother/Adolescent Daughter Interaction 2012

David R. Zemmels (Supervisory Chair, James A. Anderson)   

Youth and New Media: Constructing Meaning and identity in Networked Spaces 2011

Rulon M. Wood (Supervisory Chair, James A. Anderson)       

Hypertext and Ethnography Representation: A Case Study 2011

Erin Elizabeth Ortiz (Supervisory Chair, George Cheney)   

Discursive Linkages and Disjuncture Between Human Rights and Labor Rights: A Case of the Unionization of Parish Workers with the U.S. Roman Catholic Church 2011

Michael K. Middleton (Supervisory Chair, Leonard C. Hawes)  

Becoming War-Machines 2011

Keith Massie (Supervisory Chair, James A. Anderson) 

The Online Identity Formation of the Institution of Higher Education: Analysis of Power Relations and Subject Positions 2011 

Brenden E. Kendall (Supervisory Chair, George Cheney)

Lay Theory, Communication, and Organization: A Study of a University’s Office of Sustainability 2011 

Rebecca Gill (Supervisory Chair, Ann L. Darling)   

A Superhero on Utah’s Silicon Slopes?: The Construction and Practice of Entrepreneurial Identities at the Nexus of Religion, Gender, and Place 2011

Beth C. Fratkin (Supervisory Chair, Robert K. Avery)   

The Impact of Federal Communications Commission Practices on Communication Policy Making 2001-2004 2011

James C. Bunker (Supervisory Chair, David J. Vergobbi)   

The Theory and Practice of Deliberative Criticism 2011

Celeste Wells (Supervisory Chair, Karen L. Ashcraft)   

Difference and Science at Work: The Occupational Identity of Analytical Chemists 2010

Samantha Senda-Cook (Supervisory Chair, Danielle Endres)  

Rugged Practices: Embodying Rhetorical Identities at a Western National Park 2010

Amy K. Osmond (Supervisory Chair, George Cheney)   

Organizational Identification: A Case Study of the Davis County Cooperative Society, the Latter Day Church of Christ, or Kingston Order 2010

Marie Jackson (Supervisory Chair, Nickieann Fleener)    

The Late-Night Presidential Strategy: A Historical Review of the First 40 years of Presidential Campaign Use of Late-Night Talk Show Appearances 2010

Christine Marie Contestable (Supervisory Chair, Leonard C. Hawes)   

Becomong-Learning: Rethinking Transformative Education by Re-Conceptualizing Learner Agency and Illuminating the Immanent Dynamism of Classrooms 2010

Daren Brabham (Supervisory Chair, Joy Pierce)    

Crowdsourcing as a Model for Problem Solving Leveraging the Collective Intelligence of Online Communities for Public Good 2010

Zhen Sun (Supervisory Chair, James A. Anderson)    

Celebrities, Products, and Presentation Styles 2009

Azadeh Saljooghi (Supervisory Chairs, Maureen Mathison and Robert K. Avery)    

Redacted Geographies 2009

Brian C. Pilling (Supervisory Chair, Mark J. Bergstrom)   

Relational Dialectics in (Inter)Action 2009

Eileen Ringnalda Barron (Supervisory Chair, James A. Anderson)   

Processes of Culture Reproduction in Material Culture 2009

Sonya M. Aleman (Supervisory Chair, Glen Feighery)   

Venceremos: Using a Chicana/o Student Newspaper to Re-Imagine Journalism Education Pedagogy and Practice 2009

Forest Russell Wood (Supervisory Chair, Mark J. Bergstrom)    

Relational Communication in Negotiation Interaction 2008

Carolyn Rosas Webber (Supervisory Chair, Karen L. Ashcraft)    

Difference at Work: Exploring Race, Class, Gender, and Sexuality Within a State District Juvenile Court 2008

Nancy Tobler (Supervisory Chair, Connie Bullis)    

Technology, Organizational Change, and the Non-Human Agent 2008

Wei Luo (Supervisory Chair, Maureen Mathison)   

Aching for the Modern Body 2008

Trine Kvidal (Supervisory Chair, Helene Shugart)          

Promises or Predicament? 2008

Amber Lee Hutchins (Supervisory Chair, Glen Feighery)    

Roles, Responsibilities, and Responses 2008

Xinkai Huang (Supervisory Chair, Cassandra Van Buren)    

The Emergence of Online Consumer Groups 2008

James Patton Hedges (Supervisory Chair, George Cheney)    

The Expressions and Transformations of Identity in Alcoholics Anonymous 2008

Morris Emory Franklin, III (Supervisory Chair, Mary S. Strine)    

Do Not Attempt to Adjust the Picture 2008

Matthew John Baker (Supervisory Chair, Glen Feighery)   

Environmental Journalism and Utah’s National Parks, 1919-1971 2008

Jody Lynn Olson Agraz (Supervisory Chair, David J. Vergobbi)   

The National Endowment for the Art’s Decency Standard and Freedom of Expression 2008

Jessica Leigh Thompson (Supervisory Chair, Tarla Rai Peterson)    

A Systems Approach to Characterizing and Understanding Communication in Interdisciplinary Research Teams 2007

Katie Rose Sullivan (Supervisory Chair, Karen L. Ashcraft)   

Embodied Tensions: Navigating the Contours of Sexuality at Work 2007

Julie Ann Schutten (Supervisory Chairs, Danielle Endres and Tarla Rai Peterson)   

Coming Out of the Coven and Going Public 2007

Lindsay Regan Calhoun (Supervisory Chair, Leonard C. Hawes)     

Remembering Sand Creek 2007

Roberto Avant-Mier (Supervisory Chair, Leonard C. Hawes)   

Of Rocks and Nations 2007

Kerith Megan Woodyard (Supervisory Chair, Marouf Hasian)   

Feminist Prophecy in the American Radical Tradition 2006

Todd Mitchell Norton (Supervisory Chair, Tarla Rai Peterson)   

Grand Staircase-Escalante National Monument 2006

Marianne Neuwirth (Supervisory Chair, Christine L. Oravec)     

A Study of the Intersection of Nature, Gender, and Organizational Socialization 2006

Bonnie Million (Supervisory Chair, Leonard C. Hawes)   

Possessed By Power 2006

Tracy Marafiote (Supervisory Chair, Lisa Flores)    

Gender, Race, and Nature 2006

Robert G. Leonard (Supervisory Chair, Ann L. Darling)       

Representation, Identification, and Meaning Making 2006

Tracey Lee Clarke (Supervisory Chair, Christine L. Oravec)   

The Negotiation of Native American Identity 2006

Natalie Kate Barfuss (Supervisory Chair, Timothy L. Larson)    

An Integrated Marketing Communication Case Study of a Small Daily Newspaper 2006

Carlo A. Pedrioli (Supervisory Chair, David J. Vergobbi)   

Rhetorically Constructing the U.S. Law Professor Personale 2005

April A. Kedrowicz (Supervisory Chair, Connie Bullis)   

The Fragile Threads of Volunteerism 2005

Phillip J. Hutchison (Supervisory Chair, Nickieann Fleener)   

Media, Motives, and White Hopes 2005

Mindi Ann Golden (Supervisory Chair, Ann L. Darling)    

Coping and Caring 2005

Colleen Garside (Supervisory Chair, Ann L. Darling)   

A Qualitative Analysis of Verbal Interaction in Mechanical Engineering Design Teams 2005

Laura Card (Supervisory Chair, Maureen Mathison)    

Trek Magazine 1942-1943 2005

Andrew Hicks Utterback (Supervisory Chair, James A. Anderson)   

Political Candidate Access to the Broadcast Air 2004

Killian E. Manning (Supervisory Chair, Mary S. Strine)   

Performing Utopian Visions 2004

Edward Montgomery Clift (Supervisory Chair, Leonard C. Hawes)     

The Modern Morality Play 2004

Mara Kathleen Berkland (Supervisory Chair, Maureen Mathison)   

Feminism and its Social Movement in Morocco 2004

Erin McNeal Reser (Supervisory Chair, Marouf Hasian)    

Negotiating Concordance: British National Identities in Popular Film 2003

Dale L. Cressman (Supervisory Chair, David J. Vergobbi)     

A Biographical Study of Television News Pioneer Elmer W. Lower 2003

Derek T. Buescher (Supervisory Chair, Christine L. Oravec)   

Mapping Adventurous Men 2003

Jerry R. Benson (Supervisory Chair, Connie Bullis)   

Corrected Contradictions 2003

Walter L. Atkinson (Supervisory Chair, Robert K. Avery)    

The Barbarism Exposed 2003

Karen Rohrbauck Stout (Supervisory Chair, Connie Bullis)     

Sorority Membership Socialization 2002

Emily Plec (Supervisory Chair, Lisa A. Flores) 

The Presence of the Past 2002

Chen-Hsing Hsu (Supervisory Chair, Timothy L. Larson)   

Advertising Content and Cultures 2002

Robert E. Holley (Supervisory Chair, Connie Bullis)   

Communicating Customer Service 2002

Kathryn AnneCanas (Supervisory Chair, Mark Lawrence McPhail)   

The Rhetorical Interbraiding of Value 2002

Carolyn Juanita Babcock (Supervisory Chair, Christine L. Oravec)  

Population and the Environment 2002

John Stevenson Armstrong(Supervisory Chair, Robert K. Avery)    

Localism, Community, and Commercial Television 2002

Robyn C. Walker (Supervisory Chair, Leonard C. Hawes)    

Embodied Knowing and Communication 2001

David Livingston Rowe (Supervisory Chair, Mark L. McPhail)    

Rhetoric of Grace at Calvary Baptist Church 2001

Julie Suzanne Ward O’Neil (Supervisory Chair, Julia Corbett)    

Gender, Power, and Influence 2001

Diane M. Martin (Supervisory Chair, Connie Bullis)   

Women, Work, and Humor: Negotiating Paradoxes of Organizational Life 2001

Rebecca L. Johns (Supervisory Chair, Christine L. Oravec)    

Coded Messages in Female Narratives 2001

Geoffrey Baym (Supervisory Chair, James A. Anderson)   

Network News in the Age of Megamedia 2001

Tracey Marie Patton (Supervisory Chair, Karen L. Dace)   

Reconstruct Diversity Requirements Through Coherence 2000

Linda Linn (Supervisory Chair, Richard D. Rieke)   

The Salt Lake Tribune and Pragmatic Liberalism in News 2000

Jingdong Liang (Supervisory Chair, Milton C. Hollstein)   

Foreign Correspondents in China 2000

Kevin James Brown (Supervisory Chair, James A. Anderson)   

Communicating Face: Exploring Face Performance in an Organizational Society 2000

Richard W. Sline (Supervisory Chair, Connie Bullis)    

Commitment to Work Team and Organization 1999

Heather Lyn Hundley (Supervisory Chair, Robert K. Avery)    

Feminine Programming and Feminism: Lifetime Network 1999

Jaime S. Gomez (Supervisory Chair, Timothy L. Larson)   

Distance Education for Colombia’s Caribbean Region 1999

DeAnna Patricia Dannels (Supervisory Chair, Ann L. Darling)   

Orality in the Disciplines: A Study of the Oral Practices in Mechanical Engineers 1999

Paul S. Rose (Supervisory Chair, Robert K Tiemens)   

Communication Web Searching and Memory Retrieval 1998

Thomas R. Riley (Supervisory Chair, Douglas Birkhead)   

Cultural Conflict and the Last Temptation of Christ 1998

David Channing Price (Supervisory Chair, Christine L. Oravec)   

Organizational Rhetoric of Media Disaster Experience 1998

Carrie Gartner (Supervisory Chair, Connie Bullis)   

Face-Negotiation in Teacher/Student Grade Disputes 1998

Claire F. Ferraris (Supervisory Chair, Leonard C. Hawes)   

American Labor: A Crisis in Vision 1998

Sharon Clyne Cornelius (Supervisory Chair, James A. Anderson)    

Sexual Harassment: Maintaining Cultural Dominance of Women in Nontraditional Occupations 1998

Marlia Elisabeth Banning (Supervisory Chair, Leonard C. Hawes)      

Promises and Predicaments of Emancipatory Pedagogy 1998

Reginald J. Twigg (Supervisory Chair, Mary S. Strine)    

Domesticating American Identities 1997

Philip A. Thompsen (Supervisory Chair, Robert K. Avery)   

Toward a Public Lane on the Information Highway 1997

Scott Carlson Hammond (Supervisory Chair, Christine L. Oravec)   

Communication and the New Science of Complexity 1997

Joanne Ruth Gribble (Supervisory Chair, Christine L. Oravec)   

A Rhetorical Study of Sunset Magazine 1997

Claudia Carole Clark

Para-Social Interactions: Regis and Kathie Lee 1997

Allen W. Palmer (Supervisory Chair, Milton C. Hollstein)    

News from the Amazon Rain Forest 1996

Joel Pink Mullen (Supervisory Chair, Douglas Birkhead)      

Communicating Cholera: Health News for Peasants 1996

Carolyn Louise Clark (Supervisory Chair, Connie Bullis)    

Communication and Corporate Environmentalism 1996

Dong Keun Ahn (Supervisory Chair, James A. Anderson)   

Living With Music Television 1996

Dennis Russell (Supervisory Chair, Jerilyn S. McIntyre)    

Campus Hate-Speech Regulations 1995

Richard Daniel Rodrick (Supervisory Chair, James A. Anderson)    

A Critical Analysis of Organizational Empowerment 1995

Gregg A. Payne (Supervisory Chair, Richard D. Rieke)   

Consensus by Exhaustion 1995

Anne Castleton (Supervisory Chair, L. Edna Rogers)    

Communication Marital Adjustment, and Physical Aggression 1995

Brian Thornton (Supervisory Chair, Nickieann Fleener)   

Journalistic Standards of the Muckraking Era 1994

Richard Alleyne Rogers (Supervisory Chair, Leonard C. Hawes)   

Drumming to the Edge of Discourse 1994

Steven K. May (Supervisory Chair, Leonard C. Hawes)    

Employee Assistance Programs and the Troubled Worker 1994

Paul Robert Kohl (Supervisory Chair, Rebecca S. Bjork)     

Who Stole the Soul? Rock and Roll, Race, and Rebellion 1994

Susan Goodwin (Supervisory Chair, Malcolm O. Sillars)     

The Case of Patty Hearst: A Study of Ideology in the Popular Press 1994

Duane R. Fish (Supervisory Chair, Malcolm O. Sillars)     

Songs of the Sixties: Protest Against the Vietnam War 1994

Elaine Eliason Englehardt (Supervisory Chair, James A. Anderson)    

Journalism Ethics in the Early Twentieth Century 1994

Jon Christian Bruschke (Supervisory Chair, L. Edna Rogers)    

Argument and Legal Decision Making 1994

Sherry Baker (Supervisory Chair, Jerilyn McIntyre)   

Making Meaning of the Hmong 1994

Leslie A. Young (Supervisory Chair, Don F. Faules)    

The Media Organization in the ‘90’s: A Study of Discrepant Cultures 1993

Mina A. Vaughn (Supervisory Chair, Don F. Faules)    

Analysis of Communication Functions in an Organization Over Time 1993

Bambi Dunham Rockwell (Supervisory Chair, Leonard C. Hawes)    

The Sounds that Differences Make 1993

Kimberly K. Massey (Supervisory Chair, Leonard C. Hawes)     

Analysis of Audience Activity with Earthquakes Diaries 1993

Karen F. Huck (Supervisory Chair, Mary S. Strine)    

White Minds and Black Bodies in the War for Democracy 1993

DeAnn Evans (Supervisory Chair, David L. Eason)    

Ethical Decisions: The Stories Journalists Tell 1993

James T. West (Supervisory Chair, Leonard C. Hawes)   

A Qualitative Study of Intimate Violence 1992

Kenneth L. Smith (Supervisory Chair, Timothy L. Larsen)    

The Impact of Shared Mail on Community Newspapers 1992

Gerard Timothy Schoening (Supervisory Chair, James A. Anderson)    

Social Action Principles for Media Studies 1992

Richard J. Schaefer (Supervisory Chair, Robert K. Avery)   

Audio-Visual Analysis of Four CBS Documentaries 1992

Cathy Ann Sandeen (Supervisory Chair, Malcolm O. Sillars)    

Success Defined by Television Values in PM Magazine 1992

Bruce Wayne McKinzie (Supervisory Chair, Richard D. Rieke)    

 Objectivity and Communicative Integrity 1992

Sheree Josephson (Supervisory Chair, Robert K. Tiemens)   

Eye Movement in Color and Black-And-White Newspapers 1992

Shirley Greenwood Jones (Supervisory Chair, Malcolm O. Sillars)   

 Brigham Young’s Sermons: Analysis of Rhetorical Events 1992

Thomas Arthur Griffiths (Supervisory Chair, Robert K. Avery)   

Adoption of Networking Strategies by U.S. Public T.V. 1992

Charles Peter Boltz (Supervisory Chair, Dennis C. Alexander)     

Communication as Political Participation: The Role of Shared Meaning in Policy Formation 1992

Bryan C. Taylor (Supervisory Chair, Mary S. Strine)   

Remembering Los Alamos Culture and the Nuclear Weapons Organization 1991

Janice L. Muto (Supervisory Chair, Dennis C. Alexander)   

Defining Roles Through Communication in an Organization 1991

David C. Klope (Supervisory Chair, Malcolm O. Sillars)    

The Rhetorical Constitution of the Creationist Movement 1991

Kathy J. Edwards (Supervisory Chair, Leonard C. Hawes)     

Holding on and Letting Go: The Dilemma of Control 1991

Huei-Sheng Fred Shen (Supervisory Chair, Milton C. Hollstein)      

A Study of Changes in Taiwan’s Propaganda Campaign 1990

Fred Fogo (Supervisory Chair, David L. Eason)   

Social Drama in the Death of John Lennon 1990

Kevin Matthew Simmons (Supervisory Chair, Dennis C. Alexander)   

Roommates’ Compliance-Gaining Behaviors 1989

Scott A. Shamp (Supervisory Chair, Robert K. Tiemens)      

Mechanomorphism and Perceptions of Computer Communication Partners 1989

Michael Salvador (Supervisory Chair, Malcolm O. Sillars)     

The Rhetoric of Consumer Unrest 1989

Alexis Stephanie Olds (Supervisory Chair, James A. Anderson)   

Audiences and Auditors: A Social Learning Analysis 1989

John F. Long (Supervisory Chair, James A. Anderson)   

Critical Viewing and Decision Strategies 1989

Kevin G. Lamude (Supervisory Chair, Don F. Faules)   

Locus Control and Compliance-Gaining Strategies 1989

Margaret Knutson (Robert K. Avery)      

The “Audience” in the News: Ethnographic Observations of Local Television News Production 1989

Dennis Jaehne (Supervisory Chair, Richard D. Rieke)    

The Bureaucratization of Environmental Discourse 1989

Dennis Felts (Supervisory Chair, Dennis C. Alexander)   

Compliance Gaining Routines of Business Lobbyists 1989

Sally L. Asbell (Supervisory Chair, Malcolm O. Sillars)      

Understanding the Rehabilitation Act of 1973 1989

George Nagel, Jr. (Supervisory Chair, Dennis C. Alexander)      

Storytelling in Alcoholics Anonymous 1988

JoAnne Youtz McFarland(Supervisory Chair, Mary S. Strine) 

A Dialogic Analysisof Utopian Novels, 1888-1900 1988

Diane Lamude (Supervisory Chair, James A. Anderson)     

Uses and Gratifications of Rerun Viewing and First-Run Viewing 1988

Nedra Huggins-Williams (Supervisory Chair, Milton C. Hollstein)     

Philippines Palawan Rural Satellite Project 1988

Patricia Marian Ganer (Supervisory Chair, Malcolm O. Sillars)     

Values in the 1980 Presidential Campaign Argumentation 2006

Kathryn Jeanine Congalton (Supervisory Chair, Malcolm O. Sillars)   

Twentieth Century American Origins of Argumentation 1988

Marlene M. Von Friederichs-Fitzwater (Supervisory Chair, David M. Jabusch)    

Immediacy in Health Communication 1987

Chris Eugene Sadler (Supervisory Chair, Christine L. Oravec)   

An Interpretation of Employee Definitions of Success and Failure 1987

Suzanne Volmer Riches (Supervisory Chair, Mary S. Strine)   

The Wedding Shower as a Communication Ritual 1987

Emile C. Netzhammer, III (Supervisory Chair, Ruth Walden)   

State Constitutions and Freedom of Expression 1987

Harry William Haines (Supervisory Chair, Robert K. Avery)    

Mediated Vietnam: The Politics of Post War Representation 1987

Georgette Michelle Comuntzis (Supervisory Chair, Robert K. Tiemens)    

Children’s Understanding of Televised Viewpoints 1987

Francine Roussell Berkey (Supervisory Chair, Michael Pacanowsky)    

“The Farm” An Organizational Cultural Analysis 1987

Starr D. Randall (Supervisory Chair, Don F. Faules)   

Newspaper Technology and Typographical Errors 1986

Ann Burnett Pettus (Supervisory Chair, Richard D. Rieke)    

An Investigation of Jury Decision Making Based on Post Trial Interviews 1986

Adele Connell Herman (Supervisory Chair, Dennis C. Alexander)    

Communication and Morale in a Large Bureaucracy: A Structural Approach 1986

Glen Donald Gale (Supervisory Chair, Milton C. Hollstein)    

Book Publishing: Developing Opportunities in the Library Market 1986

Linda Cobb-Reiley (Supervisory Chair, Jerilyn S. McIntyre)   

Freedom of Expression in the Progressive Era 1986

C. Aurthur VanLear, Jr. (Supervisory Chair, B. Aubrey Fisher)   

The Formation of Social Relationships: A Comparison of Linear and Nonlinear Models 1985

Randall Kirk Stutman (Supervisory Chair, Richard D. Rieke)     

Controlling of Witnesses in the Courtroom 1985

Vella Neil Evans (Supervisory Chair, Malcolm O. Sillars)     

Woman’s Image in Authoritative Mormon Discourse: A Rhetorical Analysis 1985

Lynette Eastland (Supervisory Chair, Michael Pacanowsky)     

Ideology, Contradiction and Change 1985

Carol Jean Berrey (Supervisory Chair, Norman Elliott)    

Social Grouping and Speech Patterns 1985

Katherine Lee Adams (Supervisory Chair, B. Aubrey Fisher)   

Communication as Negotiation: Strategic Interaction 1985

Michael Smilowitz (Supervisory Chair, B. Aubrey Fisher)   

Confirming communication in Supervisor/Subordinate Dyads 1984

G. Lloyd Drecksel (Supervisory Chair, B. Aubrey Fisher)   

Interaction Characteristics of Emergent Leadership 1984

Louis Emil Bohn (Supervisory Chair, B. Aubrey Fisher)   

Reliability of Raters 1984

Edwina Luverne Hinton Stoll (Supervisory Chair, James A. Anderson)  

A Naturalistic Study of Talk in Classrooms 1983

Nick O’Donnell-Trujillo(Supervisory Chair, Michael E. Pacanowsky)

Managerial Work as Communicative Performance 1983  

Phillip Kipper (Supervisory Chair, Robert K. Tiemens)   

Television Camera Movement as a Source of Perceptual Information 1983

Nancy Briggs Rooker (Supervisory Chair, Malcolm O. Sillars)    

Mary Ann Burnham Freeze: Utah Evangelist 1982

Sara Eileen Newell (Supervisory Chair, B. Aubrey Fisher)    

Argument in the Utah State Legislature 1982

Wayne A. Beach (Supervisory Chair, B. Aubrey Fisher)    

Perspectives on the Analysis of Conversational Sequencing in Group Systems 1981

Stephen Roy Acker (Supervisory Chair, Robert K. Tiemens)   

Viewers’ Perception of Velocity and Distance in Televised Events 1981

Wayne Alan Silver (Supervisory Chair, B. Aubrey Fisher)    

Communication in Organizational Departments During Periods of Rapid Change 1980

John David Latkiewicz (Supervisory Chair, Dennis C. Alexander)   

Development of Tact in Children 1980

Thomas Jerry Housel (Supervisory Chair, Mark B. Milkovich)  

Themes’ Effect on Recall 1980

Mary RoLayne Smith DeStephen (Supervisory Chair, B. Aubrey Fisher)  

Interaction Analysis of Groups with Varying Levels of Consensus 1980 


Norman Carlyle Tarbox (Supervisory Chair, Robert K. Avery)   

The History of Public Television in the State of Utah 1979 

Stephen Bradford Jones (Supervisory Chair, Don F. Faules) 

Language Behavior and Shared Meaning 1979 

Leonard Jack Snyder (Supervisory Chair, Milton C. Hollstein)   

A Typology of Communication Behavior 1978

Antonio B. Rey (Supervisory Chair, Don F. Faules)   

Co-orientation on Communication and Organizational Effectiveness 1978

Larry Dean Kurtz (Supervisory Chair, Milton C. Hollstein)     

Videoscreen Impact on Intermountain Newspapers 1978

Wayne Alvin Chapman (Supervisory Chair, Boyer Jarvis)   

Strategies for Silence: W.S. Merwin’s Disembodied Voice 1978

Paige Birdsall (Supervisory Chair, Don F. Faules)      

A Comparative Analysis of Male and Female Managerial Communication Style in Staff Meetings 1978

Raymond Joseph Heidt (Supervisory Chair, Jack L. Rhodes)     

American Pacifism, 1919-1941: A Rhetorical Analysis 1977

Brenda Robinson Hancock(Supervisory Chair, B. Aubrey Fisher) 

Self-Disclosure Between Roommates: An Interaction Analysis 1977

Ronald Quayle Frederickson (Supervisory Chair, Malcolm O. Sillars)     

Rhetoric in Howard Nemerov’s Poetry of Wit 1977

Daniel Edward DeStephan (Supervisory Chair, Dennis C. Alexander)    

Tactics in Conflict: A Study of Tactic Usage in the Controversy Over the Impeachment of President Richard M. Nixon 1977

Sue Davis Pendall (Supervisory Chair, Richard D. Rieke)     

The Influence of Room Design on Small Group Communication 1976

Mary Ann Heller (Supervisory Chair, Robert K. Avery) 

Broadcaster Sourceds and Community Ascertainment 1976

Mary Ann Heller (Supervisory Chair, Robert K. Avery) 

Broadcaster Source sand Community Ascertainment 1976 

Donald George Ellis (Supervisory Chair, Richard D. Rieke)   

An Analysis of Relational Communication in Ongoing Group Systems 1976

Cheryl Sue Davis (Supervisory Chair, Boyer Jarvis)   

A Rhetorical Study of Selected Proletarian Novels of the 1930s Vehicles for Protest and Engines for Change 1976

Timothy Mitchell Ashmore (Supervisory Chair, Richard D. Rieke)  

Communication in Small Groups Experiencing Conflict as a Function of Prior Interaction 1976

Nikos Metallinos (Supervisory Chair, Robert K. Tiemens)    

Asymmetry of the Screen: The Effect of Left Versus Right Orientation in Television Images 1975

Douglas Monty Trank (Supervisory Chair, David M. Jabusch)   

A Rhetorical Analysis of the Rhetorical Emerging from the Mormon-Black Controversy 1973

Charley Barney Brassell (Supervisory Chair, Jack L. Rhodes)   

The Rhetorical Strategy of L. Mendel Rivers 1973

George Edward Benson (Supervisory Chair, Rey L. Barnes) 

Ascertainment of Community Needs and Problems by Small Market Radio Stations 1973

Lawrence Ray Silvey (Supervisory Chair, Halbert S. Greaves)     

Rhetoric of Polygamy 1972

Jerry Charles Gephart and Michael Alan Siegel (Supervisory Chair, Richard D. Rieke)   

A Study in Persuasion: The Arab and Israeli Propaganda Campaigns in America 1972

David Allen William (Supervisory Chair, Joseph F. Catmull)  

The Effects of Positive and Negative Audience Response on the Oral Interpreter: A Multiple Indicator Approach 1971

Paul Taylor Prince (Supervisory Chair, Rey L. Barnes)   

Video Tape Recording in Discovery-Reinforcement with Navaho Students 1971

Richard Burton Haas (Supervisory Chair, Joseph F. Catmull)  

Visual Perception of Literature as a Dimension in the Oral Interpretation of Poetry 1971

James Erving Fletcher (Supervisory Chair, Rey L. Barnes) 

The Orientation Reflex as an Index of Program Content Attention Valve: A Paradigmatic Study 1971 

David Matthew Briody (Supervisory Chair, Dennis C. Alexander) 

Eco-Involvement and Initial Attitude 1971

Stephen Ward Littlejohn (Supervisory Chair, Don. F. Faules)      

An Experimental Study of Source Credibility And Communication Exposure 1970

Teruo Fujii (Supervisory Chair, Rey L. Barnes)  

Non-Interactive, Color Television Conversion Circuit for X-Radiation Production 1970

Howard Joseph Ayres (Supervisory Chair, Don F. Faules)  

A Baseline Study of Nonverbal Feedback: Observers’ Judgments of Audience Members’ Attitudes 1970 

Eric George Stephan (Supervisory Chair, Halbert S. Greaves)    

B. H. Roberts: A Rhetorical Study 1966

C. Trent Busch (Supervisory Chair, Joseph F. Catmull)   

 Oral Interpretation in American Colleges and Universities from 1930-1965 1966

Gordon C. Smith (Supervisory Chair, Halbert S. Greaves)    

Gordon C. Smith (Supervisory Chair, Halbert S. Greaves)    

The Oratory of Lord Brougham 1959

John Rodney Cochran (Supervisory Chair, Boyd V. Sheets)   

Validated Batteries of Speaking and Listening Predictors 1959

Donald Ray Grubb (Supervisory Chair, Paul C. Fawley)    

A Critique of the Status of Journalism in American Public Secondary Schools 1956

Garrett L. Starmer (Supervisory Chair, C. Lowell Lees)   

A Study of the Elements of the Radio Documentary, 1947 to Mid 1949 1952

George Fray Sparks (Supervisory Chair, Halbert S. Greaves)   

 The Speaking of Henry Fountain Ashurst 1952

Robert P. Crawford (Supervisory Chair, Albert O. Mitchell)   

Pronunciation of 165Selected Words by Utah Radio Announcers 1951

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