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Graduate Students

Julia Berger
  • BS Biology, Boise State University
  • BA Philosophy, Boise State University
  • MA Communication, Boise State University
  • Technology and Science
  • Research Methods
  • Argumentation
  • BA Health Communication with Media Writing, Juniata College
  • Critical/Cultural Theory
  • Mixed Methods
  • Health Communication
Joshua Barnett
  • BA Business Management, Eckerd College
  • MA Communication, University of South Florida
  • Critical media studies
  • Discourse's capacity for constructing gay male identities
Sarah Bell
  • BA English, University of Utah
  • M.A. Communication, University of Utah
  • Health and risk communication
  • Quantitiative Methods
  • News coverage of scientific research
  • Public understanding of science
Alison Yeh Cheung
  • MA Communication Studies, San Diego State University
  • BA  Communication Studies, Westmont College
  • Race and Media
  • Asian American Rhetoric & Subculture
  • Rhetorical Criticism
Betsy Brunner
  • BS Psychology, Westminster College
  • Rhetoric and Intersectionality Studies
  • Investigations of power and influence present in popular culture 


  • MA Rhetoric and Composition, Texas State- San Marcos
  • BA English, Texas State - San Marcos
  • Critical Communicaiton in Language and Education
  • Composition & Interpersonal Organizational Comm
  • Rhetoric & Qualitative Methods
Yvonne Clark
  • MA Communication Studies - University of Montana
  • BA Rhetoric and Media Studies - Willamette University
  • Rhetoric of Climate Change
  • Environmental Justice
  • Processes of Organizational Communication within environmental non-profits
Ray Dahl
  • MS Communication, University of Utah
  • BS Communication, University of Utah
  • Design Communication
  • The Construction of User Experience in Organizations, Technologies and Society.
Shauna Edson
  • BS Writing & Rhetoric, University of Utah
  • Rhetoric and composition
  • Community literacy
Ashley Elrick
  • MS Interpersonal Communication, University of Central Florida
  • BS Psychology, University of Central Florida
  • Health Communication
  • Family Communication
  • Family Health History, cancer & Genetic Testing
Michael Foist
  • BA Indiana University-Purdue University Columbus
  • Critical labor and poverty studies
  • Oppressed groups and resistance
  • Tactics of control
  • Political Communication
Jeremy Freed
  • BA English, History, and Asian Studies, University of Utah
  • MA Asian Studies, University of Utah
  • International Teaching Assistant Program
Liz Giorgi
Elizabeth Giorgi
  • BS Journalism, Boston University
  • MFA Creative Writing and Environment, Iowa State University
  • Science Communication
Ana Gomez Parga
  • University of Texas at El Paso
  • Media representations
  • Telenovelas
  • Prevention campaigns
  • Social media
Ethan Greene
  • MA, Communication Studies, San Jose State University
  • BA Communication Studies, San Jose State University
  • Rhetorical Criticism
  • Rhetorical Theory
  • Critical/Cultural Studies
Jessica Houf
  • MA 2005, American Cultural Studies, Bowling Green State University
  • BS 2003, Sociology and Women's Studies, Central Michigan University
  • Reproductive Health
  • Critical Theory of the Body and Subject
  • Critical/Cultural Studies Methodologies
Ammar Hussein
  • Ph.D., American Studies, University of Baghdad
  • MA, Gender Studies, University of Baghdad
  • Political and religious discourse
  • Representation of marginalized religious groups in the Middle East
  • Verbal and visual rhetoric of terrorist organizations
Taylor Johnson
  • BA History, University of Central Florida
  • MA James Madison University
  • Environmental Justice
  • Indigenous Rhetoric
  • Postcolonial Studies
  • Nuclearism
Kristal Kareh
  • MBA 2011, Business Administration, Utah State University
  • BS 2008, Management, University of Utah
  • Corporate and Organizational Communication
Eunice Kim
  • BA California Polytechnic State University, San Luis Obispo
  • Asian American Studies
  • Rhetoric
  • Critical/Cultural Studies
  • Media and Film
Madison Krall
  • BA Psychology, Pepperdine University
  • MA Communication, University of Colorado Denver
  • Rhetorics of Health and Medicine
  • Women's Health
  • Fat Studies
Robert Layne
  • MA 2012, Communication, Texas Tech University
  • BA 2002, Communication, Truman State University
  • Social Justice
  • Intersections in organizational communication, education, queer theory and health communication
Kari Lindsey
  • BA English, University of Utah
  • Writing and rhetoric
  • Language and queer spaces
Sherrie Loewen
  • MA 2010, Health/Health Care Administration/Management, Northern Arizona University
  • JD 2000, Saratoga School of Law
  • Health Policy
  • Rhetoric
Sonja Lunde
  • MA Communication, Ball State University
  • BFA Speech, Theatre and Comm, Kansas Wesleyan University
Sonja Lunde
  • MA Communication, University of the Pacific
  • BA English, Lewis & Clark College
  • Gender identity and gender politics
  • Disability Studies and neurodiversity
  • U.S. political rhetoric and communication
Marsha Maxwell
  • MA, English, University of Chicago
  • BA, English, University of Utah
  • Rhetoric and Composition
  • New Media
  • Social Media
  • Network Culture
Meaghan McKasy
  • BA Communication/Minor in Environmental Studies, Boston College
  • Master’s Environmental Humanities, University of Utah
  • Environmental Communication
  • Science Communication
  • Quantitative Methods
Marek Muller
  • BA, University of Iowa
  • MA, Carnegie Mellon
  • Critical Animal Studies
  • Ecofeminism
  • Critical Rhetoric
  • Postcolonial Criticism
Erik O'Brien
  • BA English and Communication, Indiana State University
  • Mental Illness
  • Gender Identity 
  • LGBT issues
Zach Oldroyd
  •  BS English with Emphasis in Technical Writing and Communication with a Physics Minor from Utah State University
  •  Science, Health, Environment and Risk Communication
  • Public Perceptions of Science
  • Public Opinion surrounding Climate Change
Cecile Paskett
  • BA Theatre with Concentration in Production and Criticism, University of Alabama
  • Political Communication
  • Legal and Campaign Rhetoric
  • Media Networks
Cecile Paskett
  • MA Communication, University of New Mexico- Albuquerque
  • BA Creative Writing, University of California - Riverside
  • Environmental Communication
  • Ecoculture
  • Human-Nature Relations
  • Critical-Cultural Studies
Cecile Paskett
Cecile Paskett
  • MA 2010, Communication, University of Utah
  • BA 2004, Honours Latin American and Caribbean Studies, McGill University
  • Urban Studies
  • Surveillance and Monitoring
  • Spatiality
  • Performance studies
William Payton
  • MA Communication Advertising and Public Relations Brigham Young University
  • BA Advertising and Public Relations
  •  Communication Theory with an Emphasis in Health Communication 
  • Strategic Communication
  • Political Expediency, Diversity, Policy and Environmental Communication
  • Research Methods Mixed: Qualitative and Quantitative 
Manu Pokharel
  • BS Nursing, Purwanchal University, Manmohan Memorial Institute of Health Sciences, Nepal
  • MS Health Promotion & Education, University of Utah
  • Health Communication
Brian Rogers
  • BA Writing and Rhetoric and Philosophy,  University of Utah
  • Multimodal Pedagogy
  • Digital and Mormon Rhetoric

Loretta Rowley
  • MS Communication, California State University, Long Beach
  • BS Biochemistry, University of California, Santa Barbara
  • First amendment and freedom of speech rhetoric
  • Political and social movement rhetoric
  • Environmental communication
Maurianna Shelbourn
  • MA 2012, Communication Studies, Kansas State University
  • BA 2007, Hastings College
  • Gender studies
Maria Shilaos Nelson
  • BA Mass Communication, University of Utah
  • Mass communication
  • Journalism
Duncan Stewart
  • BS Communication, University of Utah
  • MS Communication, Portland State University
  • Space and Place Studies
  • Environmental Communication
  • Social Movements
  • Mass Media Policy
Heather Stone
  •  MBA 1993, University of Phoenix
  • BA 1990, English,Brigham Young University
  • Communication in the Mormon church
  • Rhetorical & Journalism history
  • Rhetorical criticism
  • Historical methods
Richard Stowell
  •  MA, Mathematics Education, Western Governors University
  • BA, History, California State University, Hayward
  • National Guard Family programs communication with service members
  • Conflict and communication among small combat teams 
Ian Summers
  • MS, Communication Studies, University of Alabama
  • BS, Communication and Economics, George Mason University
  • Rhetoric
Jeremy Weaver
  • MA 2011, Sociology (Criminology), University of Wyoming
  • BA 2006, Sociology, University of Wyoming
  • Health communication
  • Rural populations
  • Quantitative methods
Diana Zulli
  • MA, Communication Studies, Texas State University
  • BBS, Speech Communication, Hardin-Simmons University
  • Presidential communication
  • Media portrayals
  • Symbiotic nature of politics and the media
Last Updated: 3/14/18