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Certificate Programs

Communication Institute

The Communication Institute supports research on communication, communication education, and communication and community. It's primary purpose is to enhance the understanding of communication, specifically in relation to its rhetorical, cultural, organizational, interpersonal, health, environmental, scientific, and mediated forms.

Conflict Resolution Graduate Certificate Program

The Conflict Resolution Graduate Certificate Program is a two-semester class that teaches basic and advanced methods of conflict resolution and the communication skills required to use each method effectively.

Integrated Marketing Communication Certificate Program

The Communication Institute at the University of Utah offers a program to cultivate marketing communicators who can apply Integrated Marketing Communication (IMC) in their organizations. The focus of the IMC Certificate Program is integrated marketing communication, a most promising marketing communication business processes.

All elements of the marketing process communicate, not just those employed in the advertising and promotional mix. In the past, many of the marketing mix elements were implemented separately, and the communication impact of one on the other was not strategically framed or integrated. In the IMC Certificate Program at the University of Utah, they are.

Park Debate Society

The John R. Park Debate Society (the University of Utah Speech and Debate Team) is sponsored and housed in the Department of Communication in the College of Humanities. The team focuses on three main activities: sponsoring public debate events, high school outreach, and hosting and competing in intercollegiate competitions.

Health Communication Certificate Program

Students earning the Interdisciplinary Certificate in Health Communication respond to the increasing interest and demand for greater awareness and understanding of communication across health contexts. 

Last Updated: 11/2/17