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Student Support

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The Department strives to fully fund all admitted graduate students who apply for funding when they apply to the graduate program, which facilitates students’ success by immersing them in the Department culture and ensuring a commensurate cohort experience. Funding is offered in the form of teaching or research assistantships: full funding includes a full tuition waiver as well as an annual stipend (extra remuneration for summer teaching is not included in that base stipend), and is offered for two years for masters’ students and four years for PhD students—commensurate with the timeline design of respective programs.



There are a variety of College of Humanities and University Fellowships for which Communication graduate students can apply; these are typically one-year research fellowships that involve release from teaching and that offer a stipend plus tuition waiver. Examples of such fellowships include those listed below:

Tanner Humanities Center Graduate Fellowship

Graduate School Fellowships

These fellowship opportunities are announced annually well in advance of their deadlines. Communication graduate students traditionally have competed very successfully for these fellowships.


Students may also apply for a number of University and College of Humanities scholarships, including those noted below:

These scholarships are numerous and varied, and their deadlines also vary across the academic year. While students and faculty will be notified of these deadlines via University, College, and Departmental emails and announcements, because there are so many of them, students are encouraged to acquaint themselves early in the academic year with deadlines of scholarships for which they would like to apply.



For questions about funding opportunities and how to apply for them, please contact Graduate Academic Advisor Amity Mower.

Last Updated: 8/7/17