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Undergraduate Academic Advising

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Travis Ciaramella

Academic Advisor 
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Cameron Vakilian

Academic Advisor
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Stephanie Krusell

Academic Advisor
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Lindsey Kass

Career Coach 
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  • Many general questions can be answered through email, if you are unable to come in during walk-in hours or appointments you may email questions to
  • All correspondence regarding a students academic record must happen through Umail.  Please send all questions directly from your University of Utah email address.  


  • Walk-ins with peer advisors are for quick questions and short 10 minute meetings, you must schedule an appointment if you need more than 10 minutes to address your questions. Additional waiting time may be required if there is a line.
  • We take our last student 10 minutes prior to the end of the designated walk-in hours. 
  • Peer advising walk-in hours will be updated on the webiste every Friday for the following week.  
  • MAP (1st year, 2nd year, and undeclared) students and those with probation/suspension appeals must make an appointment.


MON 9/18 TUE 9/19 WED 9/20 THU 9/21


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  • Appointment fill up quickly at the start and end of each semester.  Students may email questions to if they are unable to schedule a meeting. 
  • Students that are ready to apply for gradaution should make an appointment to meet with an advisor and refer to our graduation page.
  • Students with forms that need an advisor signature must bring the forms with them to their advising meeting, printing is not available.
  • You can declare your major online. Please make sure you meet all the requirements to declare prior to completing the form.

As a Student, You Should Be

  • Prepared.  Make a list of questions and concerns, and bring a tentative class schedule.
  • Considerate. You should arrive on time to your appointment. If you cannot make your appointment, you should contact your advisor as soon as possible or reschedule online if possible. 
  • Professional.  Refrain from using your cell phone during your appointment. Take notes and be attentive. If you are contacting an advisor through email, please use a proper salutation and signature and include your uNID.
  • Independent.  Plan to attend your appointment on your own. Spouses, parents, friends, and children can be distracting.
  • Responsible. Take ownership of your education and your success. It is your responsibility to comply with university requirements and policies, monitor your DARS and progress towards graduation, and accept the consequences of your academic and personal choices.

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  • Questions regarding our Master's and Ph. D programs should be directed to our Graduate Academic Advisor, Amity Mower at Information can also be found on our Graduate Webpage  
Last Updated: 9/18/17