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Communication Major (BA or BS


  • Students pick one sequence and complete the 14 COMM courses required with a grade of C or better. 
  • Sequences are not formal emphases and are not printed on transcripts or diplomas. The degree will read Communication.
  • One course may fulfill both a university and a major requirement, but one course cannot double-count within the major.
  • A maximum of four (4) Communication courses from another college or university may fulfill major requirements. See an advisor to find out how your transfer communication courses can be applied to the major. 
  • Students who have successfully completed COMM 1500 Intro to Mass Comm should not take COMM 3505 Living in a Media World (the name of this course has changed to Intro to Media and Business Ethics starting Summer 2015).
  • Students should refer to DARS for additional graduation requirements.
  • Declaration: Students can apply to the major once they have a minimum 2.75 University of Utah GPA and completed one COMM course at the University with a C or better.  If you meet the requirements and have not yet declared please do so ASAP.  

MAJOR REQUIREMENTS (Please select your Catalog Year Below)

Important Notice: At the beginning of each academic year (in the fall) major requirements are subject to change. Students that have declared the major prior to Fall 2016 are not subject to the new requirements. Please see the Major Requirements section below for your requirements. 

How to find your catalog year: CIS >> Student Profile >> Catalog year located under your Declared Communication Major. 

Printable list of your requirements based on your declared catalog year:

2016-2017 major requirements

2015-2016 Major Requirements

2012-2013, 2013-2014, 2014-2015 major requirements

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Communication classes sometimes fill quickly, so students are encouraged to plan ahead and enroll on your assigned Registration Date to help ensure timely graduation. The Department of Communication does not issue permission codes or manage wait lists for classes that are full. 

For full classes, students should monitor CIS through the first day of class to try to obtain an open space, and, for traditional lecture courses, students should also attend the first day of class.


Last Updated: 1/31/17