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Media Studies Minor

This minor will serve students who are interested in pursuing knowledge of media to compliment majors outside the Department of Communication. The minor will help students understand how individuals and communities use, adapt, appropriate and are impacted by media in their personal, family, work and community lives.

Courses examine the relationship of media and ethnicity, gender, race, and social identity. Other courses emphasize the role of communication technology, new media, social media, and the relationship of audience, content and aesthetics.

 How to Apply

  • Students must be pursuing a major outside of the Department of Communication in order to declare the Media Studies minor.
  • To declare the minor, students must first complete COMM 3020, COMM 3505, or COMM 5540 with a C or better and have a 2.75 GPA in at least 9 credit hours at the University of Utah in either the most recent semester OR cumulatively.
  • Students who meet these criteria may submit a minor declaration form


The Media Studies Minor requires a minimum of 18 credit hours, 6 of which must be upper division. At least one introductory course must be taken to ensure that students learn basic background concepts, and the remaining credits should be selected from a set of courses that focus on media studies.

Printable Requirement Sheet

Complete a total of 18 credits; 6 courses total.

Introductory courses; choose at least one.

3020   Media Theory & Pop Culture (3) (HF)
1500   Introduction to Media and Business Ethics (3) (HF) (previously COMM 3505)
5540   Media & Diversity (3) (DV)

Elective courses; choose remaining credits from either introductory or elective courses.

3770   Cross-Cultural Documentary (3) (IR)
4360   Consuming the Earth (3)
4550   Developments in New Media (3) (CW) (pre-requisite: COMM 1500 OR 3505)
5200   Persuasion and Political Communication (3)
5320   Freedom of Expression (3)
5330   Visual Rhetoric and Political Argumentation (3)
5360   Environmental Communication (3)
5420   Contemporary Social Movements (3)
5500   Emerging Technologies (3)
5610   IT & Global Conflict (3) (IR)
5620   International Communication (3) (IR)
5630   Mass Communication History (3)
5640   Communication Technology and Culture (3)
5660   Media Ethics (3) (pre-requisite: COMM 1500 OR 3505) 
5690   Topics in New Media Studies (3)


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