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Prospective Students

Communication Major (BA or BS)

Welcome Prospective Students!  The Department of Communication offers a B.A. or B.S. in Communication with four sequences: Strategic Communication (public relations, advertising, integrated marketing); Journalism (digital, broadcast, print); Communication Studies; or Science, Health, Environmental, and Risk Communication.

Situated in the largest media market between Denver and the West Coast, the Department of Communication provides students with opportunities for internships and part-time work in professional settings. The department is housed in the Languages and Communication Building (LNCO), which has a telecommunication studio, audio-visual production labs, multimedia design labs, and technology-enhanced active learning spaces.

Communication is a vast field with many areas of study. Students majoring in Communication complete one of the following four sequences based on their area of interest.  Your sequence will not appear on your degree. Select the sequence below for more detailed information and a list of major requirements:

Strategic Communication



Journalism Sequence


Communication Studies Sequence

Communication Studies

Science, Health, Environmental, and Risk Communication Sequence

Science, Health, Environmental, and Risk Communication Sequence

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Major Declaration

Students can apply to the major once they have a minimum 2.75 University of Utah GPA and completed one COMM course at the University with a C or better.  If you meet the requirements and have not yet declared please do so ASAP.

Wait List Policy

Communication classes sometimes fill quickly, so students are encouraged to plan ahead and enroll on your assigned Registration Date to help ensure timely graduation. The Department of Communication does not issue permission codes or manage wait lists for classes that are full. 

If a class is full when a student registers, wait listing allows a student to add their name to an electronic wait list and potentially be added to the class if space opens up, and they meet all the requirements. Wait listing is not a guarantee to enrollment into a class.

Wait listing is only available to classes that the department sees as benefiting from a wait list. 

Once a student wait lists into a class, it is up to them to monitor whether they are added to the class or not. If a student is added and decides they no longer want the class, they are responsible for dropping the class prior to the last day to drop deadline. It is recommended that the student drop themselves from any classes they are wait listed in once they have set their final schedule.

Last Updated: 9/10/18