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Dialoguing Across Differences is a student-led group that encourages productive, nonpartisan, and empathetic conversation. Building a community and network on campus, students will feel empowered to take action, tackle tough issues, and bring humanity back into conversation; whether that’s online or offline.


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Humans Have More Similarities Than Differences

The mission of Dialoguing Across Differences is to eliminate the polarization that comes when sensitive social issues are being discussed. We do this by hosting a series of events called “Dialogue Dinners,” with each dinner having a different theme.



Upcoming Events

Religion and Us

Join us to discuss the role of religion in our lives, communities, and cultures.

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Feminism in the Workplace

March 28th, 2019. Join us along with Women in Business to discuss what it means to be a feminist in the workplace as well as your experiences with gender differences, expectations, and equality.

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Love, Romance, and Sex

February 25th, 2019. Continue our conversation on taboo topics, we will explore the complexities of love, sex, and dating in the digital age.

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Last Updated: 9/18/18