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Earn Academic Credit for Your Internship with COMM 3610

Students that have obtained an internship must apply to the course.

Deadline for Spring 2023 is Friday, January 13, 2023

CLICK HERE TO APPLY FOR SPRING 2023   Asia Campus Students Click Here

About COMM 3610

An internship is a new and temporary position in which students learn and apply new skills directly related to their major under the guidance of a professional. To receive academic credit for an internship related to the Communication major, students must take the online course COMM 3610 concurrent with their internship placement. COMM 3610 is offered for credit/no credit only and fulfills a requirement for the Communication major. 

Step 1: Obtain an Internship Related to Your Major

The Department of Communication does not coordinate internship placement for students. Here are some tips and resources to assist students with their internship search: 

  • Research employers that will engage your professional interests and inquire directly with those companies to see if they hire interns. 
  • If an organization you want to work with doesn’t have an existing internship, contact them to find out if and how you may set up an internship with them (do an internet search for “how to create your own internship” for ideas).
  • Ask people in your own personal network that may be able to refer you to a potential internship position. Many students are able to obtain internships through networking. 
  • Search internship postings at The Career and Professional Development Center.   
  • Hinckley Institute has a number of internships available for Communication students. Students can contact Courtney McBeth at with questions regarding internship opportunities with Hinckley Institute. Please note: All students completing an internship through the Hinckley Institute must enroll in their Hinckley internship course- this course is separate from COMM 3610. The Hinckley internship course does not fulfill COMM 3610. Students must also enroll in COMM 3610 in order for the internship to count towards the Communication major. 

Step 2: Apply to COMM 3610

Once an internship has been attained, students can apply to the COMM 3610 Internship course to receive credit for their internship. Permission codes are emailed once a completed application is received and has been reviewed.  

Spring 2021 (January – April)  
Summer 2021 (May – July)
Fall 2021 (August – December)  

Additional processing time is required if your internship placement requires the Department of Communication to sign any supplemental agreements or contracts. Agreements and contracts will not be signed until students have been able to add the course. 

Step 3: Course Requirements

Students registered for COMM 3610 must complete the following requirements on assigned due dates to receive credit for the course:

Students enrolled in COMM 3610 are required to complete class assignments throughout the semester. Assignments are accessed and submitted on CANVAS. There is no in-class time. 

In addition to class assignments, students must complete 50 internship hours per credit hour they enroll in. The course can be taken for 1-6 credits. A minimum of one credit hour is required for the course to count towards the Communication major. Internship hours are verified with the internship supervisor at the end of the semester. 

1 credit: minimum 50 internship hours
2 credits: minimum 100 internship hours
3 credits: minimum 150 internship hours
4 credits: minimum 200 internship hours 
5 credits: minimum 250 internship hours
6 credits: minimum 300 internship hours

Email questions to

  • COMM 3610 is for new current internships only. Credit cannot be received for a past internship.
  • Students cannot repeat the COMM 3610 course for the same internship, except in some approved cases such as Student Media on-campus internships.
  • Students cannot use their regular job for internship credit. The internship must have a defined start and end date.
  • Students may take the course for 1-6 credits during the semester. The course may be taken up to 3 times, students can only earn a maximum of 12 credits combined. Please Note: COMM 3610 can only count for one course in a given semester. The course will not count for two separate courses if you opt to take it for 6 credits (in other words, it is one course taken for 6 credits). 
  • You must submit a new application for each semester you wish to enroll in COMM 3610.
  • Internship dates must coincide with semester dates as closely as possible.
  • Your internship supervisor cannot be a relative, spouse, or fellow student.

Contact Information

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Director of Experiential Learning



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