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About the Department of Communication

The Department of Communication is committed to the full spectrum of research and teaching in the discipline of communication. We are housed in the Language and Communication Building (LNCO), equipped with state-of-the art teaching and research facilities, including a telecommunication production facility, film and digital photography labs, web labs, print design labs, interaction labs, and two large media presentation classrooms.

Undergraduate Program

We offer a B.A. or B.S. in Communication with four sequences: Strategic Communication (public relations, advertising, integrated marketing); Journalism (digital, broadcast, print); Communication Studies; or Science, Health, Environmental, and Risk Communication. The Department of Communication faculty provides a strong program of undergraduate education and advising. Advisors provide how-to advising, coordinated through the office of the Academic Advisor.

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Graduate Program

We also offer nationally-acclaimed Master of Arts, Master of Science, and Ph.D. degrees in Communication in a breathtaking Mountain West location. The graduate program is noted for its close faculty-student interaction. Masters and Ph.D. students have great flexibility in designing, with their supervisory committees, their individual programs of study.

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Certificate Programs

The Department also offers three excellent certificate programs geared toward enhancing professional development for undergraduate, graduate, and nonmatriculated students though research-informed content.  

Conflict Resolution Certificate Program

The Conflict Resolution Certificate Program is a two-semester program that is designed for working professionals who want to develop advanced communication and process skills, and training necessary to be successful in mediation, negotiation, and facilitation of dialogue. Many graduates of this program go on to receive state of Utah mediation certification.



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Health Communication Certificate Program

The Health Communication Certificate Program is an 18 credit-hour interdisciplinary program for current undergraduate and graduate students at the University. Health communication is a crucial concern and a top priority as the nature, forms, and functions of health care and health information shift dramatically in contemporary society. Certificate participants study how communication about health is co-created, transmitted, received, constructed, and circulated in various contexts.

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Integrated Marketing Communication Certificate Program

The Integrated Marketing Communication Certificate Program is a post-baccalaureate program targeted to those who want to become able and knowledgeable marketing communication and promotion managers. IMC is a marketing communication, business process that is customer-centric, data-driven using analytics, technically-anchored, and branding effective.



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Department of Communication Ranking

According to ComAnalytics, against Pac-12 peers, Utah ranks:

#1 in U.S. in communication research on Cultural Studies, Ethics, Film, History, Law, Memory, Narrative, Popular Culture, and Race & Ethnicity

#2 in U.S. for Research on Contemporary Issues, Critical Theory, Democracy, Health, News, and Theory

#3 in U.S. for research on Education, Persuasion, Print Journalism, public relations

#3 in U.S. for Total Publications (above Stanford)

#4 in U.S. for research on Broadcasting and Media, Politics and Government

Faculty Distinctions:

  • Presidencies- American Journalism Historians Association, International Communication Association, National Communication Association
  • Editors- Critical Studies in Media Communication, Communication and Critical/Cultural Studies

Current faculty have won major awards in the field of communication:

  • Young Scholar Award, International Communication Association
  • Distinguished Education Service Award, Broadcast Education Association 
Last Updated: 12/3/21