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Thursday, October 25th | 7:30 PM

LNCO 2110

Bryant Keith Alexander, PhD
Loyola Marymount University

University of Utah 2018 B. Aubrey Fisher Memorial Lecturer

 “Queer Intersectionalities: The Performative Dimensions of the Personal in Academic and Administrative Life”

This lecture will use critical autoethnography as a mode of examining and illuminating the complex and perceptually conflicted intersections of performative identities in the daily life

of a Black/queer/teacher/scholar/administrator. Yet, while the presenter is particular, the construction of “queer intersectionalities” references a radical and resistant standpoint against the regimes of the assumed normal (or acceptable) to which most can find a point of reference or entry.  In addition to expanding discussion on queer intersectionalities and the politics of positionality, this lecture also discusses how engaged and embodied critical scholars can establish new templates of academic and everyday sociality that reframe how such intersections, that can create unique experiences of oppression, can also establish empowering possibilities and potentialities.

Graduate Lecture Discussion:

“Becoming a Diversity Thug as a Progressive Performance of Activism”

Drawing from recent work, this performative discussion focuses on reframing the notion of being a thug, as a proactive performance of diversity activism; a bold stepping forward as a bonafide performance of outrage that offsets the perceived snowflake agenda of polite academese—that often makes very little progress in derailing the hardcore political bias that forestalls social progress in fact, turns back the hands of time in cultural and racial activism. In fact, I confess that I have been guilty of this in my past staid performances of academic critique that circulate only in audiences of like-minded folk. In this performance of diversity thug, I unleash my tongue to engage a performance of academic (out)rage as political activism.

About the B. Aubrey Fisher Memorial Lecture

Aubrey Fisher began his professional career as a high schoolteacher and radio announcer in South Dakota. After receiving his Masters and Ph.D. degrees from the University of Minnesota, he spent four years on the faculty at the University of Missouri.

As a faculty member at the University of Utah from 1971 to 1986, he was not only a most generous and committed departmental citizen, but he was also one of its most highly recognized ambassadors. Professor Fisher was an interpersonal communication specialist, as well as a communication theorist, whose work was required reading in communication courses throughout the field. His published work includes three books and more than 35 articles and book chapters. A former president of the Western Speech Communication Association and of the International Communication Association, he also served as editor of the finest regional journal in communication, the Western Speech Communication Journal.

The B. Aubrey Fisher Memorial Lecture was established by the  Department  of Communication in 1986 to recognize Professor Fisher's outstanding achievements and to provide a forum for presenting original research and theory in communication.




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