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Absolute Communication students present semester project to Global Communications Agency.

Absolute Communication students recently traveled to New York City to present to the Global Communication Agency, Cohn & Wolfe. Student Cami Tribe and Andrew Jones represented Absolute Communication, the student run ad-agency housed at the University of Utah, in New York City and showcased their semester long project they and classmates in the spring 2013 Absolute class have been working on.

Absolute Communication established a relationship with Cohn & Wolfe during the fall 2012 semester when Professor Kevin Bischoff and T.A. Miguel Mendoza traveled to New York City to go on agency visits. Upon meeting, an arrangement was made that Cohn & Wolfe would provide the Spring 2013 semester with a project.

Students in the class worked and created a video showcasing their creativity using key elements provided by Cohn & Wolfe. The University of Utah class is the only western University that is working with Cohn & Wolfe currently.

Great work!


Last Updated: 9/20/21