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Graduate Student Eunice Kim wins NCA Award

Graduate student Eunice Kim was awarded the National Communication Association James L. Golden Outstanding Student Essay in Rhetoric Award for the essay “‘An Impression of Asian People:’ Stereotype & Identity in Ali Wong’s Standup Comedy.”

Comedy is serious business and it calls for critical scrutiny. Through sophisticated engagement with diverse available scholarship, Euni Kim’s paper brings to light the complex cultural resonances and dissonances of Asian American comedic rhetoric. Engaging in close study of the stand-up comedic performances of Ali Wong, the essay makes an important contribution by challenging established assumptions about how stereotypes function as rhetorical forms. It also offers productive insights into the rhetorical modalities of racial identity (re)production, highlighting their ambivalence, reflexivity, fault-lines, and critical potential. The essay reflects the James L. Golden Award’s commitment to research that demonstrates excellence in theoretical conception and grounding and makes a clear and valuable contribution to ongoing scholarship in rhetorical studies. 

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Last Updated: 9/20/21