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Graduate Student Taylor Johnson awarded Tanner Humanities Center fellowship

Communication graduate student Taylor Johnson was awarded the 2020-2021 Tanner Humanities Center fellowship for her dissertation, titled The fight for Bears Ears: Toward a decolonial rhetoric of public participation in environmental decision-making. The dissertation investigates how settler colonialism manifests in the context of public lands controversies, and how environmental decision-making processes and public lands management can better challenge colonialism.

The Tanner Humanities Center supports interdisciplinary humanities research through fellowships for undergraduates, graduate students, and faculty members. Tanner Fellows participate in a community of scholars from departments across the college of humanities, fostering the exchange of ideas across disciplines. Graduate fellowships enable selected doctoral students to enhance their career preparation by engaging in research, writing, and Tanner Center activities full time during the academic year.

Taylor is "honored and excited to be selected for the Tanner fellowship!" And would like to thank "Danielle Endres, the rest of my committee members, and other faculty and mentors who have supported me in my research."

Last Updated: 3/29/24