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Dr. Kuttner contributing to Beautiful Solutions Project

Around the globe and throughout history, quiet revolutionaries have discovered the power of building “the new society in the shell of the old.” Along the way, lessons have been learned and innovative models devised. Beautiful Solutions pulls them all together in one accessible place. Launched in partnership with Naomi Klein's recently-published book,This Changes Everything: Capitalism vs. the Climate, Beautiful Solutions lays out an interconnected matrix of prefigurative tactics, theories and values, and case studies that can be adapted by anyone looking to build positive solutions to environmental, economic, and social injustice. Are your community’s needs being ignored? Try TACTIC: Participatory Budgeting. Need a roadmap for shifting your city to renewable energy? See what they did in CASE STUDY: Boulder, CO takes on Xcel Energy, 2013. Beautiful Solutions gathers the most promising and contagious strategies for building new institutions grounded in justice and sustainability. 

                Beautiful Solutions is designed as a companion volume to the book and online resource, Beautiful Trouble: A Toolbox for Revolution, and is written for and by several generations of constructive revolutionaries. Dr. Paul Kuttner, our current Postdoctoral Fellow in Critical Communication Pedagogy, has contributed several modules to the site, and will be supporting the project as it continues to grow and develop. Read more about the Beautiful Solutions Project and see Dr. Kuttner’s contributions here.



Last Updated: 9/20/21