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U of U Communication Professor and Graduate Student Publish Book

Cultural Rhetorics of American Exceptionalism and the Bin Laden RaidMarouf Hasian, Jr. (Professor) and Megan McFarlane (Ph.D. Student) of the Communication Department have recently published "Cultural Rhetorics of American Exceptionalism and the Bin Laden Raid."

The stories that are told about the death of Osama bin Laden are interculturally significant as a reminder of the many culturally contested junctures, fissures, and ruptures that circulate in the true stories that are told about Operation Neptune's Spear. This book's critical intercultural approach investigates what U.S. and international audiences were saying about other cultures while they wrote and talked about the bin Laden raid.

The book explains why so many elite and public cultural communities have a vested interest in telling the story of what happened during the famous raid. The authors argue that these mediated debates have become inextricably entangled in political, military, cultural, and legal rhetorics of American exceptionalism, where various U.S. and international audiences defend or attack particular interpretations of the raid and comment on the unique values and characteristics of America's Way of War. This book gives readers a sense of what these exceptionalist rhetorics look like when they circulate in different cultural and military contexts.

Last Updated: 9/20/21