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Congratulations to Natasha Seegert

Graduate student Natasha Seegert has been re-awarded the Steffensen Cannon Fellowship. 

The Steffensen Cannon Scholarship Fund was established in honor of Ellen Christina Steffensen Cannon, who was a University of Utah graduate who exemplified the pursuit of excellence. A Steffensen Cannon scholar demonstrates strength of character, intellectual and academic achievement, or the potential for such achievement, as well as leadership and other qualities evidencing a desire to pursue excellence.

Additionally, Natasha has received a College of Humanities Graduate Research Award for research conducted on an article she will be publishing in Environmental Communication: A Journal of Nature and Culture  titled "Queer Beasts: Ursine Punctures in Domesticity." This award is given to recognize a student whose research has extraordinary merit and has already garnered attention outside the University of Utah.

Natasha has also had a piece accepted by Philosophy & Rhetoric.

Congratulations, Natasha!

Last Updated: 9/20/21