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Prof.Yeo cited in London School of Economics blog

Sara K. Yeo

The London School of Economics posted a blog based on a paper co-written by the University of Utah’s own Assistant Professor Sara K. Yeo. The paper, “Misperceptions in Polarized Politics: The Role of Knowledge, Religiosity, and Media,” was published in July 2014 in the journal, P.S. Political Science and Politics/Vol.47. It examines two of the most prominent misperceptions during the 2008 Presidential Campaign: that Barack Obama was a Muslim and not a Christian and that Sarah Palin said, “I can see Russia from my house” when in fact it was Saturday Night Live star Tina Fey who said it. The paper analyzes online survey data to find the primary drivers of these kinds of misperceptions. Read the LSE blog post here.

Last Updated: 9/20/21