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Two Ph.D. Students Accepted to NCA Doctoral Honors Seminar

Rob Layne and Karl Haase, two Communication Ph.D. students, are among the participants chosen to attend the esteemed 2017 National Communication Association (NCA) Doctoral Honors Seminar. 

This year's seminar will be held at Bowling Green State University in Bowling Green, Ohio, from July 27-30, with the theme "Communication in a Post-Truth Age." The NCA Doctoral Honors Seminars (DHS) brings together promising doctoral students and distinguished faculty members from across the discipline and around the nation to discuss current topics in Communication. U doctoral students Rob Layne and Karl Haase are among the approximately 30 doctoral students who have been chosen to participate based on submitted papers and recommendations from their advisors. 

Faculty seminar leaders for the 2017 DHS include:

Steve Duck, University of Iowanca dhs
Stephen Haas, University of Cincinnati
Sandra Faulkner, Bowling Green State University
Alberto Gonzalez, Bowling Green State University
David Gunkel, Northern Illinois University
Louisa Ha, Bowling Green State University
Susan Kline, Ohio State University
Mark Orbe, Western Michigan University
Jenny Rice, University of Kentucky
John Sloop, Vanderbilt University

Congratulations to Rob and Karl for being selected to represent the U Communication Department at this important seminar! 

Last Updated: 9/20/21