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Department Earns Top Honors at 2015 NCA Convention in Las Vegas

The amazing faculty and graduate students of the Department of Communication left the annual National Communication Association (NCA) convention with some of the highest honors awarded for the year. The 2015 event was held Nov. 19-22 at the Rio Hotel and Conference Center in Las Vegas, Nevada, and welcomed thousands of scholars from across the country. Below is a list of the awards presented to faculty and students.nca logo

Professor and Chair Kent A. Ono was awarded:

  • Distinguished Scholar Award for the Critical and Cultural Studies Division
  • Teachers on Teaching “Teaching Award”
  • Distinguished Scholar Award for the Rhetoric and Communication Theory Division 

Professor Danielle Endres won the Christine L. Oravec Award from the Environmental Communication division for her book chapter: William J. Kinsella, Dorothy Andreas, & Danielle Endres, “Communicating Nuclear Power: A Programmatic Review,” Communication Yearbook 39, ed. Elisa Cohen (New York, NY: Routledge, 2015), 277-310.

Professor Robin Jensen was awarded:

Megan McFarlane was awarded:

  • Outstanding Dissertation Award for the Critical and Cultural Studies Division 
  • Top Student Paper for the Organizational Communication Division 
  • Top Paper Panel for the Organizational Communication Division 
  • Top Paper Overall for the Organizational Communication Division 

Ph.D. student Ana Gomez Parga was awarded Top Student Paper for the Latino/a Studies Division and La Raza Caucus for her paper titled, "Que no te eduque la Rosa de Guadalupe: Preserving Sexism through Telenovelas" 

Ph.D. student Ian Summers was awarded Top Student Paper in the Visual Communication Division for his paper titled, "Some folks are born made to wave the flag: Dissensus and subjectification in protest banners"

Ph.D. student Loretta Rowley was selected for the Top Paper Panelfor the Environmental Communication Division

Last Updated: 9/20/21